Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coolhunting Experience by Mango.

Hi lovers! Today I’m going to talk you about the Coolhunting Experience contest by Mango. I presented my candidacy for this collages contest and I can win a trip to New York if I’m one of the three most voted.
The contest is to make a collage which express what a “Lady Rebel” girl inspires you. Just Spanish people can participate.
In my first collage I tried to show the rock style of a rebel lady with icons like Kate Moss, Kat von D or Madonna, electric guitars, Rolling Stones plates or the rockest Mango fall/winter season outfit.
In the second one I imagined what a Lady Rebel would wear on her bag. The ladiest things, like make-up, a little mirror or an emergency kit with needle and thread; and the most rebel ones, like an Elvis Presley hairbrush, Rolling Stones lighter or a fashion book, such as Devil Wears Prada.
The point is that I need all your votes to win the trip! If you want to vote me, just follow the next steps:
  1. Go to the contest page by clicking here. You don’t need to register.
  2. Search my collages typing “Carmen Porcel” (my name) on “Buscar por nombre”, on the page bottom.
  3. Just click to “Votar” to give me your vote!
Thank you very much everyone! Love,


BlueVanilla said...

These are beautiful! Good luck!
Hot Pink Day
Blue Vanilla

Moni said...

thanks for ur comment! love ur collages! im following u :)



poziomka said...

Me encanta el primero, es chulisimo :)

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